Astonish Your Kids offers high quality personalized fairy tales,

featuring six original, exclusive novellas!

If you are tired of generic, mass-produced children’s stories recycling the same pop-culture characters over and over, then our book is for you and your little ones!

In our stories, you will encounter unparalleled style and language sophistication, minute attention to detail and unique level of personalization. Our magical adventures are geared toward children ages 5 to 12 years old, and adults who still believe in magic.

Respect your kids, don’t expose them to mediocrity. Introduce them to real literature, written by genuine wizards! Unlike typical personalized random stories widely available to the public, our book offers you and your child exciting adventures presented in their continuity. Each story, on top of being highly magical, delivers a not so hidden message promoting kindness, courage, honesty, thirst for knowledge, integrity and many other values.

Tested and approved by our own children!

The book contains 6 novellas, is approximately 160 pages long and includes 22 original black and white hand drawn illustrations by a local artist. The title page of the book will feature a picture of your child, digitally modified and enhanced to resemble a pencil drawing. This is done to weave your child's image into the handcrafted feeling of the book and to enhance the immersion experience.

Each book is personalized by us. We manually make the changes and adjustments. The degree of customization goes way beyond the simple insertion of your child's name into the book - we integrate more than 25 bits of personalized information into the narrative tapestry.

 The book you receive will be of premium quality, printed on heavy-duty 80 lb paper. It measures 6” x 9”, with a laminated soft jacket and durable binding. Proudly printed in the U.S.A.

This uniquely refined, beautifully created book is the perfect gift for any occasion and will become a cherished keepsake for you and your child.

Standard shipping within the contiguous United States is always free by magic post.

Astonish Your Kids

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