Sample One

…As the children huddled around the old document and lowered their faces, Jacob distinctly smelled the ocean. Kimberly jumped up next to him.

“What is it?” he asked.

“I thought I just heard the cries of seagulls.”

“Let’s examine the map,” Mr. Folliant repeated. “Jacob, please read the title,” he asked…


Suddenly, Kimberly shrieked. Everybody looked up and saw that she was drenched in water that was dripping onto the floor.

“I th-th-think…” she stuttered, “A wave just splashed me!”

Jacob looked from Kimberly to Mr. Folliant. He was smiling, a sly glint in his eyes.

“I guess that means it’s time,” he murmured…

Sample Two

... They obeyed and followed her to a majestic oak tree near the river. At the bottom of its trunk were flowers. Lots of flowers. Flowers unlike anything Diana and Dave had ever seen in Los Angeles, each one more beautiful and fragrant than the next.

“May I?” Lúthien asked Diana, gesturing toward the bassinet. Diana nodded her approval and Lúthien scooped up the sleeping baby. She brushed her rosy cheeks with her fingertips before gently settling her down among the flowers.

She then started humming a song. Diana and Dave could not understand a single word but the melody was very peaceful and beautiful. Lúthien’s voice was ethereal and soothing. They felt very relaxed and serene. Several butterflies were fluttering above the baby...

Sample Three

...Finally, Brian reached his room, slammed the door behind him and threw himself on the bed. “I – am – just – so – mad,” he spurted, punctuating each word with a fist blow to his pillow.

“Ouch-ouch-ouch,” he heard suddenly, “stop hitting me.”

Brian jumped up and looked around.

“I am right here,” the little voice sounded annoyed.

Brian looked down and saw a tiny man, climbing up his pillow. The man must have been no bigger than Brian’s thumb… He was out of breath and had quite a disheveled look about him… Finally, the little man reached the top of the pillow, which for him must have felt like a climb up the tallest mountain…


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